It’s important that you understand what options you have to pay your legal costs. We are completely transparent with our fees and always aim to be clear with you about what you’re expected to pay. 

Our fees

Payment options

To help with costs, we have some flexible fee options. Some of these options are best for particular cases, but that will be discussed with you in more detail at an initial meeting.

Fixed fees

Our preferred way of working is with a fixed fee, as we feel we are best motivated to serve you quickly and efficiently. It’s also a good arrangement for you, as you know how much your case will cost, allowing you to budget properly.

Hourly rates

This means you pay your Solicitor for the amount of time spent on a case. This is quite typical for most firms, but we try to avoid it as we feel that fixed fees are a better way of working for everyone involved. However, we will consider working on an hourly rate if that is your preference.

No-win, No-fee

On occasion, we may consider a no-win, no-fee payment option. With this, you don’t pay any money in advance for legal fees. You only need to pay for the expenses or disbursements, such as court fees or reports. You’ll need to sign an agreement that says if you lose your case, you won’t pay our legal costs.