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Our Philosophy


Our core values aren’t the result of some corporate exercise.

We are genuinely passionate about improving access to justice, acting sustainably, and being socially responsible.


We work alongside you, whether it’s helping you out of corner or assisting you to fulfil your aspirations.

We try to understand your needs so we can get the best outcome possible for you.


We provide a reliable, competent, dependable service, and always aim to exceed their expectations.

By practicing professionalism every single day, we build trust with our clients.

We provide solutions to your legal problems

Kingsley Solicitors specialises in family and employment law.

We offer the expertise of a London City firm, but from our offices on the beautiful North Wales coastline and the historic City of Chester.

We’re passionate about providing cost-effective solutions to your legal problems, and in some cases, may even recommendation as an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

We won’t ever compromise on our quality or service, so to keep costs down, we’ve created a more flexible working environment instead.

This means that you get high quality legal advice, from a firm that puts its clients first, all at a reasonable cost.

Lois Kingsley - Founder & Director
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About US

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